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Where can I find the best institute for Salesforce training in USA?
Who offers Salesforce certification program in USA?
Which is the best coaching center for Salesforce online training in USA?
How to get Salesforce material in USA?
Find the answer to above questions in our Salesforce Learning Program which is 100% Practical and Job Oriented Professional Training Course.

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Salesforce Training and placement Pune

  • 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Certification Material
  • 100+ Hours Course


  1. Administration (Code: 201)
  2. Development  (Code: 401)
  3. Integration
  4. Lighting for FREE

Course content:

  • What is CRM?
  • Common business issues faced by companies today.
  • How CRM can help?
  • What CRM brings to business?
  • Evolution of CRM
  • Business value of CRM
  • What CRM means to you as a user?
  • Customers benefiting from CRM
  • A view of available of CRM products from IT industry
Sales Cloud Concepts
  • Home page, Tabs, Apps, Tab Home Pages, Record, Detail Page, Related lists and Sidebar
  • Understanding Leads and Opportunities
  • How CRM can help?
  • Adding A Lead
  • Adding An Account
  • Edit An Account Record
  • Adding A Product To An Opportunity
  • Sales ID
  • Adding A Task
  • Connect To Microsoft Outlook
  • Send And Add An Email
  • Logging A Call
  • Document Tab
  • Web to lead
  • Web to case
  • Assignment Rules
  • Auto response Rules
  • Sales automation
  • Converting A Lead
  • Team Contacts
  • Adding An Opportunity
  • Creating A View
  • Activity History
  • Submitting A Case
  • Campaigns Partner Roles Portals
  • Communities
Standard SFDC Applications
  • CRM Content
  • Chatter
  • Knowledge
  • Entitlements & Service Contracts
  • Answers
  • Mobile
  • Customer Portal Partner Portal
  • Sites
Sales Overview
  • Overview of products
  • Sales cloud and jigsaw
  • Service cloud and Remedyforce
  • Social Chatter and Radian6
  • Custom,, Heroku
  • App exchange
  • Editions and pricing
Service Cloud Concepts Create Case
  • Researching and Resolving Cases
  • Communicating the Outcome
  • Automate case management
  • Capturing and associating cases efficiently
  • Helping customers helping themselves
  • Improving productivity
  • Manage Cases
  • User Security and Authentication
  • Session Security Network
  • Security Security Tokens
  • Data Security
Standard Objects
  • Account
  • Person Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Campaign
  • Opportunity
  • Quote
  • Product and Price Bank
  • Case
  • CRON Trigger
  • Managing Users
    • Profiles
    • Roles
    • Groups
    • Queues
    • Permission Sets
    Securing and Sharing Data
    • Object-Level Security
    • Field- Level Security
    • Record-Level Security
    • Field Accessibility
    • Record Types
    Automate Business Process
  • Formulas
  • Syntax
  • Object Formulast
  • Where Do I Use Them?
  • Workflows &Business Rules
  • Visualforce
  • Limitations
  • Best Practices
  • Predefined Function and experiment
  • Going Global
    • Divisions
    • Locale
    • Currencies
    • Advanced currency Management
    • Translating the User Interface
    • Import
    • Export
    Using Analytics
    • Running Dynamic Reports
    • Custom Report Types
    • Dashboards
    • Analytic Snapshots
    Overriding Link
    • Import Data wizard
    • APEX Data Loader
    • From Command Prompt
    Monitoring your Org
  • Debug Logs
  • Email Logs
  • Login History
  • View Setup Audit Trail
  • Time-based Workflow
  • Scheduled Job
  • Outbound Messages
  • Apex Job Queue
  • Import Queue
  • Mass Email Queue
  • Case Escalation Rule Queue
  • Entitlement Process Queue
  • Bulk Data Load Jobs
  • Advanced Topics:
    • Global Actions
    • Knowledge Apps
    • 2 CRM Projects



    You need to have a good understanding of basic CRM concepts and functionality. You should be aware of Salesforce CRM Navigation as well as Salesforce CRM Sales application functionality. But we will teach you from basics, so if you don’t have any prior knowledge on Salesforce, no problem, we will take care of it and train you on it.

    Salesforce Training cost in India

    Cost depends on the module you wish to learn and it may vary accordingly. Please contact our representative for more details by filling our contact form.

    Job Placement assistance in India:

    We do help you job placement assistance after training program, you will get more details when you join our demo class where you can actually interact with our instructor in the live class.

    Benefits of this Course
    • 100% Money-back Guarantee
    • 100% Job oriented Training
    • Job Placement Assistance
    • Certification Material
    • 100+ Hours Course
    • Interview Questions with Answers
    • Resume Building
    • Daily Assignments
    • Extensive Syllabus in Market
    • 10+ years Exp. Instructor
    • Join FREE Live Demo class


    Best Institute for Online Training

    I have joined in Learn in Realtime institute for salesforce online course. Trainer who teaches concepts with practical approach so that anybody can easily get into syllabus. Each session trainer explained so many things and how they work in live work, that gave me live exposure. I will give 5 star rating.

    Dheeraj Singh
    Software Engineer

    Best trainer for salesforce

    I would say LiR is the best Salesforce crm online training in India. I really happy with 100% practical sessions because every session is like working on real project and getting daily notes after every class which is easy yo understand and much affordable fee. I would highly recommend it.

    Deepti Shukla
    Software Developer

    Good institute

    I attended to this wonderful Salesforce online training and I would say Trainer is excellent, explained each and every topic in detailed. Whenever I have doubt in profile creation or Apex coding, I will write to sir, he will help me and that’s how I become an expertise in sfdc. I would highly recommend this course for you too.

    Nidhi Rathore
    Software Engineer

    Completely worth spending…

    This course is completely worth spending investing because i have got the job after completion of my course. They offered my daily assignments, useful notes and certification material. This is an amazing training with brilliant faculty and good customer support. I would strongly refer this to my friends.

    Siraj Khan
    Software Developer
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